Links to FOI requests (with documentation) revealing NHS/DH cover-up of dental amalgam catastrophe

Chief Dental Officer Barry Cockroft denying even the most basic facts about amalgam poisoning:

"Distinguished expert" Allister Vale unable to defend his prescribing of two tests well-known to be useless quackery:

Whopping falsehood from BSMHFT akin to "birds are highly unlikely to have wings":

Whopping falsehood that dentists have competence in mercury diagnosis whereas GPs don't:
Link to scan of the Chief Exec Denise McLellan's letter affirming that ridiculous falsehood and also deceitfully slimily labelling Dr Gini's TELLING me to go to a dentist as "refer" to a dentist, when the one thing I could never get any of these GPs to do was actually provide exactly that, a referral to a dentist. See also FoI to Univ of Bham confirming that their dental students do indeed have no training in mercury diagnosis.

Department of "Health" defend their lies about amalgam by quoting from supposedly World Health Organisation 2009 report, while failing to mention it was disowned by WHO eight months earlier for being fraudulent deceit.

NHS avoidance of use of the cheap easy and instant mercury vapour measurements to determine the intake of toxin.

And there's a lot more I've found out.

(This page can be reached by typing, that is as in FoI and Hg (chemical symbol of mercury).)


  1. A fuller account of the NHS evasions in my own case can be found in Particulars of Claim very long para 27 (link at upper right here). More details of NHS/DH falsehoods are in Particulars paras 19-30, and Reply paras 7-12. Details of international persecution of those who diagnose or witness to amalgam illness can be found in Reply paras 17-18 and the associated exhibits.

  2. I have just recieved a letter from MHRA.. In that letter they admit that the support information for their views on Mecury based fillings is false. They make false claims about other countries supporting the MHRA view . These people are government arse lickers.. Mecury amalgam is an easy, cheap effective process.. The fact that it poisons the patient for the rest of their lives matters not to these scumbuckets who only care about their pensions and maybe a knighthood?

    1. They admit themeselves? It would be useful if you could forward the whole of their letter, would be most interesting to see and perhaps post here. (No need to include your personal details.) Could you scan/email to me at r (at) please.
      Alternatively perhaps you could tell me what you wrote to them and then I can induce them to send an identical reply to myself?!

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